DeZahra specializes in selecting the best Tunisian stone materials from the source through the finished product.   Should you require blocks, slabs, tiles, or even specialized finishes we provide the expertise required to navigate this complex market and obtain the quality level required to satisfy your customers, while retaining your margins through reduced waste.   In addition, we have strong partnerships with logistics companies, which can ensure that your product is expedited quickly and meets the first cutoffs possible for transit. 

         Wholesale Blocks

         Wholesale Slabs

         Wholesale Tiles

We work with block fabricators in Spain, France, Italy, etc.  In addition, we supply countertop fabricators who stock container loads of material and specialize in limestone or marble materials.  For project needs, architects utilize our services for wholesale requirements for exterior cladding or cut to size tiles.  

We advise which materials have been tested for freeze thaw conditions, provide test data, and identify which materials have performed well, in addition to, project references in such environments.   We will also arrange for technical testing for project requirements for lot samples as well.   

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