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Pre Sealed Stone and Slabs

Introducing our new Italian line of factory sealed tiles and slabs!

This innovative process adds an extra layer of protection for limestone and marbles, giving one more time should any accidents occur.   Also, you don't have to worry if your installer actually sealed the surface.  If you do happen to leave a spill and a stain does occur, simply buff out the area and reseal. 

This line comes in unique sizes so that your floor patterns can be more interesting.  In addition, carved patterns and designs are available. 

Jerusalem Limestone

We carry a full line of Jerusalem Limestone and Slab products, complete with a decorative, Ciottoli line which includes all of the various accent pieces and moldings needed to complete your designs.  

Italian Stones

Our Italian stone line consists of only the best quality products available in the market.   When a specific variation is needed, we will work with our network to locate exactly what you need.

Turkish and Egyptian Stones

For the more economical budgets, we offer Turkish and Egyptian stones, which can come tumbled, brushed and in patterns. 

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