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DeZahra, Inc. fuses the concept of design and desire, melding the exotic with the traditional, blending the luxurious opulence from cultures of the past and present into all of our luxury tile and stone designs.

DeZahra specializes in some of the best limestone in the world, our Tunisian Limestone Collection, which is characterized by its high density and low porosity. These aspects allow this limestone to be used for kitchen countertops and even exterior cladding. In addition, we manufacture our own line of mosaics, including hand-cut. We also carry a stock of antique stone and reclaimed ceramic tiles.

Our hand cut mosaics are also among the best in the world, as Tunisia has a long history of this craft. With the country situated only 87 miles from Italy its culture was heavily influenced by Roman culture. You will even find some of the best preserved mosaics in the world still remaining there in situ. Today, this mosaic craft is still a vibrant trade and artisans produce most of the intricate work for the Italians.

Tunisia is the home of the ancient city of Carthage, one of the wealthiest regions in the Roman Empire. Carthage was known for its highly skilled artisans and the availability of a highly prized marble, Giallo Antico.

As a direct manufacturer and importer of our luxury mosaics and stone, we are the direct source for many products found in some of the best tile and stone showrooms in the world. We specialize in Grey Foussana along with many other beautiful, dense limestones.

DeZahra brings exclusive, beautiful hand-crafted natural stone, antique, and reclaimed tiles along with many other beautiful collections for the kitchen and bath from the center of architectural expression, Tunisia. Tunisia is at the tip of North Africa, bordering the Mediterranean. The country has a vast history of Roman influence, as it is situated only 87 miles from Italy and was inhabited by the Romans for many centuries. Tunisia is the home of the ancient city of Carthage, known for its highly skilled artisans throughout the Roman Empire. African artisans developed their own original style, beginning in the early 3rd century and continuing for 15 centuries. Their unique style influenced much of the empire, reaching as far north as England. Using the same exotic marbles that the Romans used in their most important villas and monuments, we are able to create a luxurious product, which communicates a sense of history and exclusiveness.  Visit Collections to see DeZahra’s product line.

Hand-crafted: In the United States, the majority of decorative tiles are mass manufactured. We use artisans from ancient Carthage, who bring thousands of years of experience with them to create authentic, unique, exceptional quality work. The beauty and value of hand made items such as these will transform any environment into a lasting masterpiece, revered by others throughout time.

In addition, to hand-crafted tiles, we also create fine hand crafted natural stone sinks and bathtubs, which are original designs produced in limited quantities. Our sinks and bathtubs are carved out of a solid piece of stone, which is demonstrated by the natural veins and color variations present in every piece, contrary to many products on the market created with agglomerates, which provide the look but are not the true original.

Micromosaics were originally developed by the Vatican to reproduce the paintings made by many famous artists that had begun to decay over time. Mosaics tended to retain their color and luster for centuries and the use of tiny bits of material could be used to copy the intricate artwork and appear, from a distance, as tiny brush strokes. Most of the mosaic designs available on the market today are mass produced, machine cut standardized designs, resulting in an extremely rough cubed resemblance of the intended image. Micromosaics allow the customer to recreate extremely intricate designs so closely resembling the original concept, that from afar, it is difficult to discern the material. This material can be utilized to mimic wallpaper, intricate carpeting designs, painted designs, etc. These designs are meticulously assembled by our artisans to deliver a spectacular result.

Reclaimed tile, stone, and sinks: DeZahra brings antique, reclaimed ceramic tile from North Africa. These tiles were installed in the mansions of the very wealthy in Tunisia and range from 150 to 600 years old. Tunisia was a melting pot of cultures, welcoming the trade from many lands and incorporating these cultural influences into their environment. Thus, designs range from traditional Islamic to French interpretations of Islamic designs to Asian influenced designs.

In addition to reclaimed ceramic tiles, we also bring beautiful, antique French country sinks, created during the French colonial rule, ranging from 150 to 200 years old. The influence of this design can be found in the trendiest design publications. These original marble pieces help create the realistic ambiance of the rustic French villa, rather than a manufactured result.


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