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DeZahra's custom marble mosaics are among the best in the world, crafted by artisans who have created some of the most opulent residences and luxury hotels. 



Custom Tunisian mosaics, hand cut designs have been the secret of the Romans and the Italians for centuries.  Now you can share their secret....



 Custom Pool Mosaic Medallion

Marble mosaics have been used for centuries as decorations for floors, walls, pools, fountains, and fish ponds.   The Romans developed the art of micro mosaic and much of this work was done in ancient Carthage, now Tunisia.   Our custom mosaics are all hand cut mosaics and handmade mosaics, many which are Roman mosaic inspired designs.   Traditional Byzantine mosaic tile patterns were made to replicate paintings and later stone mosaic designs were used as mosaic medallions and mosaic patterns  using floral motifs or mosaic murals.   Our luxury custom stone mosaics are crafted from both traditional mosaic designs, such as Roman mosaics and custom architectural mosaic designs.   Tunisian mosaics have been the secret of Italian mosaic companies for years.   Many of the custom Italian mosaics are actually hand cut in Tunisian and sent all over the world for mosaic pools, mosaic murals, luxurious mosaic bathrooms and mosaic backsplashes.

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